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Overseas Property Insurance

As an owner of overseas holiday home, you will be aware how important it is to protect your valuable asset. You can conduct all the diligent research in the world, but nothing will be as reassuring as specialist and comprehensive home insurance.

Until recently it has been difficult to find an insurer who can provide the right, flexible protection for every eventuality.

Intasure specialise in the provision of flexible and comprehensive cover, for most situations – specifically for overseas holiday homes and designed to meet your needs. Whether your property is occupied or unoccupied, let short-term or long-term, Intasure have the right policy to cover your property.

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Cover available for property in:

Intasure covers properties in: France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Cape Verde, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus (South), Luxembourg, Sweden, Czech Republic, Malta, Switzerland, Denmark, Monaco, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Estonia, Montenegro, Utd Arab Emirates, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Norway.

These countries are updated regularly, so please check with Intasure if your country is not mentioned above!


Better protection for your property

All Intasure policies offer a host of benefits, including the advantage of dealing with a UK-based, English-speaking team. All policy documentation is also written in English.

Intasure’s cost effective policies provide coverage that is far more exhaustive than most standard cover. You can also discuss the possibility of public liability cover with Intasure – an increasingly popular option with anyone who lets their property.

If you have any questions, please call our free Resource Centre on 020 7898 0549.